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  • Liquid ice 250ml Evoponic

    Liquid ice 250ml Evoponic

    Evoponic Liquid Ice 250 ml

    Liquid Ice has proven to reduce the effects of overheating in growing environments on plants, allowing the plants to not only cope but thrive when temperatures rise above 30oC. Liquid Ice is designed to be used by growers who are striving to reach high levels of production economically and with the technology of tomorrow.

    Unique to Evoponic
    Advanced Biostimulant
    Takes growing to a new level
    Protects against heat stress
    Prevents Flower Abortion
    Allows Side-Shoots to grow on
    Produces more growth hormone
    Tested in the glasshouses of the Middle East
    Compliments Evoponic Feeds

  • ROOT IT Heat mat 25x35cm

    ROOT IT Heat mat 25x35cm

    Directly from the hand of Root It arrives the flexible heat mats designed to increase the root temperature of your plants or like a complement to your cutting germinating or rooting media.

    Available in two sizes (small 25x35 cm / large 40x60cm) you can choose the one which adapts better to your mini plastic greenhouse that will be placed above, with what we will get a faster germination of our seeds and rooting of our cuttings thanks to which increases the temperature of the base of the plant pot between 5,5º and 11ºC on the ambient temperature.

  • 1000w Metal Halide Powerplant bulb

    1000w Metal Halide Powerplant bulb

    1000w Powerplant Metal Halide Retro Bulb

    Metal halides have the more balanced spectrum. The light they give out has a significant amount of light from the bluer end of the spectrum, which the plant uses to grow vegetatively. It produces plants with a small internodal length, with large leaves and thick stems. It produces the most natural looking plants. It simulates the light from the beginning of the year and is good for plants before they're switched into flowering mode.

  • Maxibright T-5 4 foot 8 way propagation light

    Maxibright T-5 4 foot 8 way propagation light

    The Lightwave T5 units provide the most even spread of fluorescent lighting currently available from a single unit - they are available in 2 lengths. The 2' version is ideal for small scale propagation while the larger 4' version lends itself to medium/larger scale propagation.
    The 4' 8-way unit measures 119cm(l) x 66cm(w) x 6cm(d) and houses 8 X 54W fluorescent tubes, this unit has two switches on the side; one switch controls the central four tubes and the other switch controls the outer 4 tubes providing the user with the opportunity to vary the spread of light according to their requirements. The units come with blue-spectrum lamps as standard but red lamps are also available. Optimal results will be achieved when the light is 2-3cm from the top of the plants.

    Regular Price: £175.00

    Special Price: £170.00

  • 1.5 litre pump sprayer

    1.5 litre pump sprayer

    Powerful pump action 1.5 litre pressure sprayer with pressure release valve, designed to be used with liquid insecticides, herbicides and household chemicals. Comes with a variable jet brass nozzle for precise application of insecticides for best results against insect pests. Additional features of this product include a large diameter base for increased stability when pressurising, a trigger lock for continuous spraying and a shatterproof, frost-resistant translucent body.
  • House and Garden root excelurator 1 litre

    House and Garden root excelurator 1 litre

    House and Garden Root Excelurator 1 litre
    Roots Excelurator is the best and most powerful root stimulator available in today's market, and our top show-piece in the area of ultra-concentrated nutrients. This powerful root stimulator ensures the explosive growth of the roots and rids the plant of brown roots, root sickness and mould. Roots Excelurator is packaged in a light-proof aluminum container with a sealed lid to guarantee that the product stays fresh. Roots Excelurator is a must-have for every successful grower.
  • House and Garden Amino Treatment 1 litre

    House and Garden Amino Treatment 1 litre

    House & Garden Amino Treatment, took many years to develop, the result is an all in one booster that has been shown to create strong roots, healthy growth and firm fruits and flowers. This product contains a well-balanced combination of active ingredients including:

    Silicon many times smaller than common silicon that is highly ‘plant available’.
    A unique growth and flowering stimulator extracted from a plant seed source.
    High grade enzymes amino acids
    Humic acids that aid in root development and nutrient availability.

  • Bio Bizz Root Juice 1 litre

    Bio Bizz Root Juice 1 litre

    Root Juice is a 100% vegetable based all-organic root stimulator that boosts existing root growth and encourages the development of new roots. It is very effective at creating an abundance of new roots when applied to rooted cuttings, but it can be used throughout the whole growing period to stimulate root growth and production.

  • Powerthive 250ml G.E.T

    Powerthive 250ml G.E.T

    Power Thrive is not a plant food; it is a carefully formulated blend of vitamin and natural plant hormones for use during all phases of plant development. Our chemist has discovered a unique way of extracting the valuable growth potential from kelp, one of the world's fastest growing plants.


Items 19 to 27 of 54 total

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