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  • Maxibright 125w CFL blue

    Maxibright 125w CFL blue

    The Maxibright CFL lamps arethe bestlow-heat, low-cost and high build quality CFL lights on the market.

    Available in blue spectrum (6400k) for vegetative growth , these lamps have inbuilt ballasts and a standard E40 screw fitting allowing the 125W version to be used with any reflector apart from the Diamond.
  • UFO 180W LED Grow Light Indoor Hydroponics Plant Veg Bloom Flower

    UFO 180W LED Grow Light Indoor Hydroponics Plant Veg Bloom Flower


    Enhanced spectral output covering full PAR (400-660nm) promotes photosynthesis for Growth & Bloomming
    High Power Efficiency 3Watt Single Chip BridgeLux LEDs, Low Energy Consumption
    Revolutionary Heat Aluminium PCB, Run 70% cooler than high intensity discharge (HID) lights
    All LEDs with a Zener to ensure One LED Goes Out the Rest Continue to Operate

    Regular Price: £119.99

    Special Price: £99.99

  • Sunmaster 150w dual spectrum bulb

    Sunmaster 150w dual spectrum bulb

    For vegative & Flowering!

    150w sunmaster dual spectrum HPS bulbs are the most common HID to use, especially during flowering, giving off characteristic reddish light. The red in the light spectrum encourages good flower/ fruit growth. Still getting the lumens you need but without much increase in energy use from a 125w cfl
  • Maxibright Digilight 150 w lighting kit

    Maxibright Digilight 150 w lighting kit

    Euro DigiLight digital grow light kit includes: 150w Maxibright DigiLight Ballast, Euro reflector (47x40x7cm) and 150w Sunmaster dual spectrum HPS lamp.
    T he Euro reflector is an open-ended reflector made of polished, hammered dimpled anodised aluminium.
    Digilight Ballast Features:
    - Soft start technology, longer lamp life - Silent operation - RF Shielded - Lower running costs - Light weight 3.5kgs
    - Flying lead IEC connection to connect any reflector - Runs both sodium and metal halide lamps - Low start-up current - Rubber mounted feet - Proven reliability
  • Maxibright T-5 4 foot 8 way propagation light

    Maxibright T-5 4 foot 8 way propagation light

    The Lightwave T5 units provide the most even spread of fluorescent lighting currently available from a single unit - they are available in 2 lengths. The 2' version is ideal for small scale propagation while the larger 4' version lends itself to medium/larger scale propagation.
    The 4' 8-way unit measures 119cm(l) x 66cm(w) x 6cm(d) and houses 8 X 54W fluorescent tubes, this unit has two switches on the side; one switch controls the central four tubes and the other switch controls the outer 4 tubes providing the user with the opportunity to vary the spread of light according to their requirements. The units come with blue-spectrum lamps as standard but red lamps are also available. Optimal results will be achieved when the light is 2-3cm from the top of the plants.

    Regular Price: £175.00

    Special Price: £170.00

  • MABO  Automatic fire extinguisher

    MABO Automatic fire extinguisher

    The MABO Automatic Fire Extinguisher recognizes an increase in the room temperature caused by fire. When the temperature reaches 84 degrees celcius the liquid inside the MABO is atomized causing the ampule to burst and scatter over a large area, even when no one is about the MABO will give total fire protection and peace of mind.

    One MABO will cover an area of 12 to 16 sq. mtrs. The action of the MABO is completely automatic and maintenance free, just fit and forget, your room is covered.
  • Lumii 125watt warm /red CFL light

    Lumii 125watt warm /red CFL light

    125w LUMii CFL Warm Lamp Extended Eco-Range The NEW LUMii Energy Saving CFL Grow Lamp is the low energy option for your customers who don't wish to use HPS and MH Bulbs . Available in both Warm and Cool White, these bulbs can easily be interchanged. This CFL Grow Lamp is a high output 125 watt 5U CFL and does not need a ballast to run, you can use one of our HID - CFL Converter Kits that removes the ballast altogether and plugs straight into the mains with a 3 pin plug attached.
  • Sylvania 55w prop bulb replacement 4150 lumens

    Sylvania 55w prop bulb replacement 4150 lumens

    Replacement bulb for propagation lights 4 pin version and 55w
    will fit sunmate propagation shade
  • CLEAN LIGHT Hobby Unit

    CLEAN LIGHT Hobby Unit

    CleanLight UV crop protection is a clean and effective way to protect crops against diseases and improve the quality of the plants and crops. CleanLight is in the professional horticulture active in more than 20 countries, mainly becuase of the quality improvement and because it is a residue-free method.

    Also hobby gardeners suffer from fungi on plants and crops indoor or outdoor and prefer not to use chemical pesticides. For these gardeners CleanLight developed the CleanLight Hobby Unit. Funguses like powdery mildew and botrytis can be killed very effectively by means of CleanLight UVC.


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